Whelps, that’s me alright. Here’s  a very short list of the delights I can deliver to your door, but remember....there’s all of Cakelandia out there to explore....Let’s plunder it together!!


3.00 a piece/ 35.00 for a dozen


2.50 a piece/ 30.00 a dozen


6 inch round/ 40.00
8 inch round/ 50.00
9 inch round/ 60.00
10 inch round or square/ 70.00
14 inch square/ 100.00
16 inch square/ 125.00


9 inch round/ 70.00


fruit 45.00
cream 50.00

The Drawing Board

Most people have at least an inkling of what they want. But, if not, here’s a brief list of what I have done, or want to do, or think should be done!

Vanilla Bean Cake, “The Best Chocolate Cake Ever” (really, no lie) Classic Carrot (with some secrets-don’t even ask), Hummingbird Cake (pecan, banana, pineapple) Coconut Cake, Chocolate and Peanut butter Cake (duh!), Lemony Lemon cake, Italian Cream cake (they know what they are doing), Almond Cake, Banana Cake, Cherry Chip Cake, Old Fashioned Apple Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Chocolate Ginger Cake and (spin the imaginary cake Wheel o’ Fortune) infinity in between.

Let’s talk about the high art of icing. Generally, I am all in for Buttercream. Its perfect! Versatile. On the cake. In your mouth. What’s not to love?  But, I do flirt with other icings, too. (Shhh, don't tell Buttercream, she's sensitive). Cream Cheese, of course. Goat Cheese. 7 Minute  Meringue, My Secret Chocolate Frosting, Ganache, Curds, etc....

I prefer simple decor. Flowers. Edible accoutrements. I take my inspiration from nature–whatever’s sensational and in season. Extra-elaborate decor may result in an uptick in cost. Full disclosure!  We'll have a conversation or multiple conversations before we get going. No surprises!

Let’s. Get. Baking.

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