Is cake a want or a need?

 Don’t be absurd—cake is always a need. If any of these describe your current life circumstances,
cake is required.

(Mentally check all that apply)

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Elopement
  • Annulment
  • Divorce             
  • Knocked up
  • Reunion            
  • Graduation
  • New Job            
  • Fired
  • Promotion         
  • Demotion
  • Premonition       
  • Demolition
  • New love         
  • Bad break-up
  • Existential crisis         
  • Crisis of faith
  • You like cake     
  • Someone you love likes cake

Cake doesn’t judge, and neither do I.

Why do you keep waxing eloquent about cake? Won’t that hurt pie’s feelings?

 I consider myself an equal opportunity baker, but I can’t hide my unconditional love for cake and its kissing cousin, cupcake. That said, pies, cheesecake, and cookies all hold sweet spots in my heart and I’d be honored to bake for you, whatever your heart’s delight.

Damn, how do I get this deliciousness into my life? 

Let's get a conversation started! In most cases, I can whip up your creation with 48 hours notice. Faster MAY be possible, but I reserve the right to levy the “Pain in the Butt Tax.” For large orders, i.e. more than one cake or a total extravaganza, we’ll need to get going earlier.

What if I am gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, allergic to _______ (fill in the blank)?

Let me know what you’re allergic or sensitive to—let’s talk! I’ve made deeply satisfying sweets for people of many food persuasions. A challenge gets my creative juices going, and I’m always questing to be a better baker. I say, “Cake for all (OK, pie too)!

Will you deliver this goodness to me?

Yes, I love to meet the people I bake for! Plus it’s important to me that the goods arrive in fresh-from-the oven condition. Unless otherwise arranged, cakes will be delivered on bakery cardboard FREE in Viroqua, and for a slight fee in the greater Viroqua metropolitan area. In the case of larger or more architectural creations (I’m looking at you, Towering Wedding Cake), I’m happy to work with you on-site to assemble and display the cake to eye-pleasing effect

Are you the devil in disguise?

 No, but I’d bake the devil a kickass cake if he ordered one (cash up front, no delivery).