A Bespoke Bakery Making Cake Love Just for You!

There’s cake and then there’s cake. The sort of cake I like tastes so damn delicious that you have to pause mid-bite just to appreciate the very fact of its existence.

I like cake that’s made with real, simple ingredients—local and organic when possible—that taste of patience, time, and good intentions.

I like cake that’s dressed up as if it’s going to a party. Hell, I like cake that IS the party. I like cake that’s attention-seeking; that’s unafraid to stand up at the table and shout, “Hey, look at me!”

I like passive-aggressive cake that sends mixed messages: Eat me! No, don’t eat me—just look at me awhile!”

That’s the sort of cake I like to eat, and love to bake.

If you, too, like cake that looks and tastes undeniably delicious, baked especially for you by a salty wench in a sassy apron, then we should talk real soon!